The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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This is a choose your own adventure story. Make sure you use the NEXT/OR link and not the next/prev buttons on the top and bottom of this page as that will make the story totally confusing. Come back and try it different ways and see how the outcome changes. See you at the end! Have fun!

Jennifer just spent $2,000 on her season tickets for the 2015 baseball season. She knew it was a lot of money but she also knew that this year was going to be special. She felt it in the deepest parts of her heart that this was going to be the year that everything clicked and the 25 year drought would finally end. This was the year the Oakland Athletics were going to the World Series.

She spent hours going over the statistics, learning the habits of each new player, checking the health of every returning member. She read articles, listened to podcasts and obsessed over the MLB Network and was confident that this group of guys, again the underdogs, were going to bring her a joy that A’s fans haven’t felt in a long long time. The joy of a pennant.

Before the season starts, though, Jennifer has to spend a weekend in Arizona to watch her boys in training.

“March 22,” she decided, “will be my first spring training game.” She called her friends, booked a hotel and made the drive to Arizona. The Athletics were set to play the Cincinnati Reds and Sonny Gray was scheduled to take the mound.

NEXT: The A’s win the game

OR: The A’s lose the game