The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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Sonny threw a magnificent game and only gave up one run in 7 innings of work. His mastery of the game was getting stronger and his confidence on the mound was growing by leaps and bounds. This made Jennifer happy. She knew that Sonny was a key component to the team on their run for a World Series title.

With the Indians set to take on the A’s the next day, Jennifer decided she should probably stay and say hello to her old favorite, and new foe, Brandon Moss. She went back to her hotel with craft supplies in hand and constructed two cards.

The first card was a terribly mean spirited card that she wanted to give to Moss the Indian. The second card was a terribly sweet card that she wanted to give to Moss her favorite former Athletic.

NEXT: She gives Moss the mean card

OR: She gives Moss the nice card