The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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Jennifer decided it would be funny to give Moss the mean card. “He’ll know it’s all in good fun,” she thought.

She showed up to the stadium early for batting practice and waved down Moss.

“It’s nice that A’s fans still want to talk to me,” he said with a smile. “I will always love my time in Oakland, all the great players, the wonderful fans. You, young lady, are the reason I play baseball. I see the passion you have for the game and it inspires me to do my best, work my hardest and strive to achieve. Now, what can I do for you?”

At this point, Jennifer was beginning to regret her decision to go with the mean card but still confident that he’d see the humor in it, she went for the joke.

“I made you this card, Mr. Moss. I hope you think it’s funny.”

Moss opened the card. On the front was a picture of Moss in a diaper, sucking a pacifier, under a banner that said “The Boss…”. When he opened the card, it simply said, “of pooping.”

Jennifer giggled nervously. Moss did not seem amused. In fact, Jennifer thought she saw a glimmer of a tear forming in his eye.

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