The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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“So,” Moss said, “this is how you think of me?” his voice cracked a little bit as tears welled up in his eyes.

“No,” she said, “it was just a joke. You know, ’cause you’re on another team now. You’re ‘the enemy’. It’s all in good fun. I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Well, you’re idea of fun is very hurtful. I played my heart out in Oakland and loved being around the fans and now, after I get traded against my will, you hand me mean, hateful cards just minutes before my game? This is truly the lowest point of my entire career and that includes the time I was ankle deep in coliseum sewage for 20 minutes. You have ruined my day, my week, my month, my year, my entire career. I don’t know if I can ever play this game again.”

Moss walked away, staring at the ground and weeping uncontrollably. This made Jennifer sad. Spotting Jennifer crying in the stands, Coco Crisp ran over to her.

“You wanna touch my afro?” he said with a million dollar smile. She giggled and said yes. He asked what was wrong and after she explained the situation, Coco had some wise words to share with her.

“First off, Moss is a very sensitive guy. Always has been. Last year I called him a ginger head man and he tried to convince Beane to trade me. What you did today may have helped us out, though. Maybe you’ll get in his head and he’ll be too distracted to play well. I tell you what, every time I get on base, I’m going to point you out in the crowd to Mossy and keep reminding him of what you said. I’m kind of a stinker like that.”

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Reddick lived up to his promise and had his first All Star season. By the break, Reddick had 19 homers and 60 RBI’s and had held onto the highest slugging percentage in all of baseball for eight solid weeks. Every time he saw Jennifer at a game he’d give her a little nod and say, “World Series, baby” and it certainly looked like that was going to be the case.

At the break, the Oakland Athletics were 22 games over .500 and enjoyed a 12 game lead over the Houston Astros for the American League West. Everything was coming up Oakland and it was pretty clear that the A’s were heading to the World Series for the first time in 25 years.

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