The 2015 World Series – Choose Your Own Adventure

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On his first at bat, Coco hits a grounder right to Moss in fair territory. Coco, knowing this is a standard out, simply trots to first base when he sees Moss throw the ball into the crowd.

“What’d he just do that for?” Coco said to himself. As he stopped at first, now safe, Coco said, “that girl in the stands in your ginger head, man?”

“Dude, I asked you not to call me that,” Moss said, with a tear in his eye.

“Hey now, Mossy, there’s no crying in baseball. Wanna touch my afro?”

As always, when asked that question, Moss said yes and touched his afro.

“That’s nice, man. I like your afro.”

“Sure you do. ‘Cause it ain’t ginger,” Coco yelled over his shoulder as he stole second.

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