Oakland Athletics Game 18 Stats and Recap


Oakland Athletics Game 18 – Friday, April 24, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

135. 4. 96. Final. 5

Game Attendance: 18,205
Season Attendance: 191,572
Lowest Attendance: 15,025 (Game 2)
Game Time: 3:36
Season Time: 52:08

Win Record: 8-10
Win Record vs Astros: 2-2
Streak: L2
AL West Standing: 3rd
Elimination Number: 144

Winning Pitcher: Luke Gregerson (1-0)
Losing Pitcher: Eric O’Flaherty (0-2)
Pitchers/Pitch Count: Kazmir/106, Scribner/10, Clippard/17, Otero/19, O’Flaherty/21, Abad/14
Total Pitches per game: 187
Total Pitches per season: 2485

Game Home Runs: 1
Season Home Runs: 15
Game Runs: 4
Season Runs: 87
Runs Rank: 4th
Run Differential: 18
Differential Rank: 6th

Game RBI Leader: Reddick(2), Semien(2)
Season RBI Leader: Vogt (14)
Most RBI’s in Single Game: 4 (Game 35, 16)

Game RISP: 2 for 6
Game LOB: 5
Season RISP: 53 for 169
Season LOB: 126

Game Batting Average: .211
Lineup Batting Average: .275

Total Players Used in Game: 19
Most Players Used in Game: 19 (Game 6, 18)

Challenged Plays: 0
Total Challenged Plays: 7
Total Overturned Plays: 3
Games Won in Extra Innings: 0
Total Games Played in Extra Innings: 3 (6,7,18)

Special Notes:

Bullpen bullpen bullpen. That’s going to be the chant of April at the rate things are going here. Through nine scoreless innings, the starting pitching (Kazmir) held it together and kept a quiet offense in the game. In the top of the tenth, the Astros scored two off of Dan Otero, both runs coming with two outs on the board. The Oakland Athletics responded in kind by putting up two runs in the bottom of the tenth to tie the game up and extend it into further extra innings.

Not to be out done, the Astros put up three more runs in the top of the 11th inning, capitalizing on the mistakes made by Eric O’Flaherty who walked the first two batters he faced, got caught in a sacrifice bunt and then gave up a single, which was mismanaged by Mark Canha, that resulted in two more runs and left a man in scoring position for Fernando Abad to deal with. Abad, a sure bet in these situations in 2014, gave up a single to George Springer which brought in the final run of the Astros’ game.

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The A’s looked to be doing what we’ve come to expect from them, though, when they rallied in the bottom of the 11th for two more runs. With two men on and two outs on the board, Brett Lawrie had the chance to at least tie the game if not bring the Oakland Athletics their first walk off. He eventually hit a flyout to center on the fourth consecutive slider he’d seen in the at bat and the game was over.

The once famed capitol of walk-offs has now played three games in extra innings and lost all three.

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