Oakland Athletics: 2015 Season Almanac

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Game 5 – Friday, April 10, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

96. Final. 0. 62. 12

Game Attendance: 30,114
Season Attendance: 116,730
Lowest Attendance: 15,025 (Game 2)
Game Time: 2:44
Season Time: 13:26

Win Record: 3-2
Win Record vs Mariners: 1-0
Streak: W1
AL West Standing: 1st
Magic Number: 158

Winning Pitcher: Drew Pomeranz (1-0)
Losing Pitcher: Taijuan Walker (0-1)
Pitchers/Pitch Count: Pomeranz/92, Abad/14, Alvarez/18
Total Pitches per game: 124
Total Pitches per season: 633

Game Home Runs: 1
Season Home Runs: 3
Game Runs: 12
Season Runs: 32
Runs Rank: 1st
Run Differential: 19
Differential Rank: 2nd

Game RBI Leader: Davis (4)
Season RBI Leader: Canha (6)
Most RBI’s in Single Game: 4 (Game 3 & 5)

Game RISP: 7 for 17
Game LOB: 8
Season RISP: 19 for 60
Season LOB: 37

Game Batting Average: .400
Lineup Batting Average: .299
Total Players Used in Game: 14
Most Players Used in Game: 16 (Game 4)

Challenged Plays: 0
Total Challenged Plays: 2
Total Overturned Plays: 2

Special Notes:

Apr 10, 2015; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Athletics left fielder Mark Canha (20) and right fielder Ben Zobrist (18) smile after being batted in on an RBI doulbe by first baseman Ike Davis (not pictured) during the fourth inning at O.co Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners are predicted by many to be a shoe in for the division title in 2015. The Athletics, in their first meeting with Seattle, sent a message that they were not going to allow that to happen without a fight. For the third time in five days (and we all know how special three in five is) the Athletics pitching staff shut out their opponent behind an embarrassment of run support in a 12-0 victory over the Mariners. In the team’s three wins, so far, the Athletics have scored 30 runs, allowed none and only given up 7 hits.

Obviously it is not fair to assume we’ll get this type of performance out of our three returning pitchers every outing but what a way to open a season! Mark Canha finally got the big league home run he’s been inches away from all week with a two run long ball in the second inning. Sogard was the sole player to not reach base in this game and this was his first complete game with that distinction. Sam Fuld, Mark Canha, and Ike Davis were all good for three hits a piece and, collectively, drove in 7 of the A’s 12 runs. Davis, along with Ben Zobrist, both hit two doubles each in the game as well. It’s easy to get excited by the 2015 Oakland Athletics when you see a game like this every other day but, we must remember, winning every other game is only good for 81 games.

What the A’s need to do is string together two wins in a row and start establishing early that the team is capable of being a dominant force in the division. It also wouldn’t hurt to hold on to first place and create a gap early in the season because regardless of what they say in the press conferences post game, these games do count and could become huge factors at the end of the season.

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