Oakland Athletics Roundup: Felix Doubront and Terrence Long; Plus, A Season Ends


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Monday, October 5

The A’s season is finally over. It’s a merciful end to a year that was not just disappointing, but hard to watch at times. The Oakland Athletics struggled with fundamentals, relief pitching, defense, timely hitting – and more than anything, one-run games. The A’s record in one-run games is what truly did them in, and if they could have had those games back, they would have finished closer to the top of the division rather than the bottom.

That doesn’t mean the team can’t turn it around next season. There are plenty of things to build on, and we’ll be here at Swingin’ A’s to help you get your baseball fix throughout the off-season. Don’t forget to check back often – even though there won’t be meaningful games in Oakland for the next six months, there’s plenty to examine about what worked for the team, what didn’t, and how they can return to their postseason glory in 2016.

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