Oakland Athletics Roundup: Arbitration Values; LF Free Agents; ’73 Championship; Plus, Tye Waller


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Friday, October 16

We all make mistakes. In Billy Beane‘s case, he had an off-season full of them – trading away the Oakland Athletics’ best players and returning with Billy Butler. It was a confusing and disappointing winter, to be sure. But maybe – just maybe – there’s hope for him yet.

If there’s any front office mind that rivals the fame of Beane, it’s Theo Epstein. He’s currently the mastermind behind the Cubs’ success. But he’s made mistakes, too. Most notably, he signed Edwin Jackson to one of the strangest contracts in baseball. Jackson, who has never been more than a mediocre starter, was given a four year, $52 million deal before the start of the 2013 season – and promptly went 8-18, spent some time in the bullpen, and was eventually dumped due to lack of performance.

It was a costly error, but one that proves even the most brilliant baseball people make mistakes. Perhaps Beane’s missteps with Butler will prove to be equally forgivable. After all, Epstein didn’t recover by spending tons of cash on free agents – he simply did everything he could to get the best farm system, then waited on his prospects to turn out. Two years later, he’s reaping the rewards. Maybe Beane is just following in his footsteps.

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