Oakland Athletics Roundup: A’s Bid on Byung-ho Park ; New Addition Andrew Lambo


Oakland Athletics Roundup: Monday, November 9

With Byung-ho Park rumors running rampant, there’s no definitive winner of the bidding – yet. (Although that may change by the time you’re reading this.) One thing that has been reported by multiple outlets is that while the Oakland Athletics may or may not be the winners, they did bid competitively – and that’s a promising sign for the team.

The A’s front office had made no indication that they intended to compete next season, until this. If they were willing to bid on Park, it means that they’re probably more open than they’ve previously let on to spending money on free agents both within the international market and Major League Baseball. If the team misses out on Park, which it seems like they will, there’s always Dae-ho Lee, who would be another big addition to the roster.

The actual winner of the bidding is expected to be announced later on Monday, but one can’t help but think that if the A’s put in a competitive bid, they can consider this a win in public perception on where the team is headed in 2016. It certainly sounds as though the A’s lost the battle for Park, but the off-season seems much more hopeful than it did before the bidding news came out.

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