Jose Canseco has perfect way to end political divide

Former Oakland A’s star and current Twitter philosopher Jose Canseco has come up with the perfect way to solve the political divide.

Like many people, former Oakland A’s star Jose Canseco is fed up with the political divide gripping the nation. We have become partitioned by party, alienated by affiliation, and separated by state. The divisions have not run this deeply in decades.

Fortunately, Canseco is there for us all with a plan. And naturally, it involves his favorite topics of discussion.

This tweet seemingly ends Canseco’s previously announced intention to run for President this year. Unless, of course, he happens to be an Android, alien, or Bigfoot with a really good razor.

Canseco’s ruminations do tie in to his previously stated political platforms. He had promised to have an army of robots ready to root out corruption. He had hinted at utilizing extraterrestrial help to help fix a broken system. And one would have to imagine that Bigfoot would have been featured prominently somewhere in his cabinet.

Now, he is seemingly content to sit back and help push those extraterrestrials forward to rule not just the country, but the world. Perhaps he came to realize that, as he was born in Cuba, his quixotic quest for the presidency could not happen. Or maybe he just forgot about his campaign.

To be fair, Canseco has a point. Androids would keep everyone for being divided by politics. At least, until the point in time that they declare humanity obsolete and start trying to eliminate everyone. However, at that point, humanity would likely be working together to overthrow their android overlords, so that goal of unity would be achieved!

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Jose Canseco has seemingly put his political aspirations and run for the presidency to rest. Unless he is an android…