Dave Kaval continuing weekly trips to Las Vegas

The Oakland A’s stadium situation appears to be getting closer to being resolved. The Howard Terminal Project is heading towards a binding resolution on June 30, something that is expected to be a formality after the Final Staff Recommendation suggested removing Port Authority Use from the area. This clears one of the final hurdles from the A’s getting their waterfront ballpark in Oakland.

But that is not enough for Dave Kaval and the A’s. Instead, he is continuing to make weekly trips to Las Vegas as the team is attempting to choose between two possible locations for a new ballpark should the team relocate.

Dave Kaval continuing to play both sides in stadium talks

Continuing to negotiate with Las Vegas does make sense. Nothing is finalized, or even guaranteed, as it comes to the Howard Terminal Project. The project could still be voted down when it comes up for a vote on the 30th, leaving the A’s to look elsewhere for that new ballpark. Keeping Las Vegas as an option would mean that the A’s do not need to start over if that happens.

At the same time, the frequency of the visits does not exactly leave a good taste in the mouths of the fans or those voting. The A’s had the “Rooted in Oakland” motto before, but they need to show that such sentiments were more than just words.

Maybe that will be the case should the binding resolution pass. It would appear as though the A’s would not have a reason to continue flirting with Las Vegas at that point in time. However, they would seemingly want to tone down the overtures as the vote gets closer.

That has not been the case. Kaval and the A’s would rather spend money flying back and forth every week than do something such as spend money on their payroll. Maybe that is where all that revenue sharing money has gone.

Dave Kaval is still flying out to Las Vegas every week although the Howard Terminal Project is closer to reality. It is not a good look for the franchise.