Running out of real estate to talk about A's rookie Zack Gelof

Oakland Athletics v Washington Nationals
Oakland Athletics v Washington Nationals / G Fiume/GettyImages

Sorry if we are sounding like a broken record these days, but that happens when you cover the Oakland A's. No, not because of all of the losing, but because of the mighty exploits of rookie Zack Gelof.

Gelof has been featured in many of our latest stories over White Cleat Beat this month. It makes sense.

The rookie, after earning his callup to the majors after the All-Star break, is proving that to be the right decision as he's been absolutely demolishing MLB pitchers all across the nation since becoming a senior member of the Oakland Athletics organization.

Just a few days ago, Gelof hit four pitches and two of those for a homer. Not long after that, Gelof put on another remarkable outing and became the first player to get 8HR+6SB in his first 25 MLB games.

The A's might start a new era in Las Vegas, but the truth is that Gelof might have already kickstarted one last mini-Era of Oakland Athletics baseball.

That's because in the final of three games against St. Louis before Thursday's break and the return of the A's to Oakland to host the Orioles on Friday, Gelof did it again.

According to Cristi Rodriguez of NBC Sports, Gelof "became the first player in A's history to have 20 extra-base hits and 20 runs scored through his first 28 career games played (per MLB)."

After the A's beat the Cardinals 8-0 thanks to a supremely great outing by starting pitcher Paul Blackburn (he went seven innings long!), Gelof said to NBC that he is "just confident in my preparation and what my coaches and other teammates are doing."

The A's welcomed Gelof to their ballclub just a few weeks ago but he's already the face of the franchise for better or worse. Here's hoping he can spend most of his career decked in A's threads, whether those are part of the East Bay or Nevada's cloth.

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