Oakland Athletics Game 24 Stats and Recap


Oakland Athletics Game 24 – Friday, May 1, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

7. 96. Final. 5. 126

Game Attendance: Away Game
Season Attendance: 291,434
Lowest Attendance: 15,025 (Game 2)
Game Time: 3:11
Season Time: 69:55

Win Record: 10-14
Win Record vs Rangers: 3-2
Streak: W1
AL West Standing: 4th
Elimination Number: 138

Winning Pitcher: Dan Otero (2-1)
Losing Pitcher: Roman Mendez (0-1)
Pitchers/Pitch Count: Kazmir/98, Abad/10, Otero/4, Scribner/14, Clippard/14
Total Pitches per game: 140
Total Pitches per season: 3358

Game Home Runs: 1
Season Home Runs: 19
Game Runs: 7
Season Runs: 117
Runs Rank: 7th
Run Differential: 13
Differential Rank: 9th

Game RBI Leader: Reddick (2), Lawrie (2), Canha (2)
Season RBI Leader: Vogt (16)
Most RBI’s in Single Game: 4 (Game 35, 16)

Game RISP: 4 for 5
Game LOB: 4
Season RISP: 69 for 215
Season LOB: 157

Game Batting Average: .201
Lineup Batting Average: .235

Total Players Used in Game: 17
Most Players Used in Game: 19 (Game 6, 18)

Challenged Plays: 0
Total Challenged Plays: 6
Total Overturned Plays: 2
Games Won in Extra Innings: 0
Total Games Played in Extra Innings: 3 (6,7,18)

Special Notes:

Scott Kazmir, ladies and gentlemen, is very good and today wasn’t even one of his better outings. Throwing for 6 innings, Kazmir allowed three runs (two homers) but struck out six and walked only 1. His ERA is still below 2.00 and he seems to be locked in the zone.

Following an abysmal home stand, the Oakland Athletics really needed this win and thanks to some RBI production throughout the lineup and a bullpen that managed to preserve the lead (although it did add two runs to the board) they got the W for game one of a ten game road trip.

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Dan Otero ultimately claims the win on this game for his third of an inning work, proving yet again that win/loss records are one of the stupidest stats in baseball.

Josh Reddick is quietly on a 9 game hitting streak (a career high tie) and has batted in 9 runs along the way. Is he on a hot streak or has he made some adjustments and matured as a hitter to a point where we can count on him for these kinds of runs more often? That remains to be seen but he is a huge factor in this team’s lineup at the moment. Also worth noting, during this hitting streak, Reddick has not had a single strike out. You read that correctly. Josh Reddick, who by this time in 2014 had 17 Ks, 4 RBIs, and a batting average of .220, has 4 Ks, 14 RBIs and a batting average of .367. With Billy Butler in a slump and Sam Fuld making me look like an idiot after his fantastic start, Reddick is taking a lot of this team on his shoulders. We can only hope that it will sustain through the season when other players get hot.

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