Oakland Athletics Game 25 Stats and Recap


Oakland Athletics Game 25 – Saturday, May 2, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

96. Final. 8. 126. 7

Game Attendance: Away Game
Season Attendance: 291,434
Lowest Attendance: 15,025 (Game 2)
Game Time: 3:45
Season Time: 73:40

Win Record: 10-15
Win Record vs Rangers: 3-3
Streak: L1
AL West Standing: 4th
Elimination Number: 137

Winning Pitcher: Keone Kela (1-1)
Losing Pitcher: Ryan Cook (0-2)
Pitchers/Pitch Count: Pomeranz/84, Bassitt/21, Otero/5, Abad/4, Scribner/16, Cook/24, Alvarez/3
Total Pitches per game: 157
Total Pitches per season: 3515

Game Home Runs: 1
Season Home Runs: 20
Game Runs: 7
Season Runs: 124
Runs Rank: 4th
Run Differential: 12
Differential Rank: 9th

Game RBI Leader: Reddick (4)
Season RBI Leader: Reddick (18)
Most RBI’s in Single Game: 4 (Game 35, 16, 25)

Game RISP: 2 for 12
Game LOB: 7
Season RISP: 71 for 227
Season LOB: 164

Game Batting Average: .242
Lineup Batting Average: .300

Total Players Used in Game: 20
Most Players Used in Game: 20 (Game 25)

Challenged Plays: 1
Total Challenged Plays: 7
Total Overturned Plays: 2
Games Won in Extra Innings: 0
Total Games Played in Extra Innings: 4 (6,7,18,25)

Special Notes:

It happened again. The Oakland Athletics were behind until the seventh inning when they managed to make up a two run deficit and then create a four run deficit for the Rangers. In prior years, this would mean game over. Send in the bullpen and call it a night. Those were prior years, this is 2015.

In the bottom of the seventh, in what was now a bullpen game, Chris Bassitt got a quick out courtosey of a popfly to second but he followed that easy out with two walks and was replaced by Dan Otero. Otero grabbed a quick out but followed it with a RBI single and was replaced by Fernando Abad. Abad gave up a three run homer. Now it’s a tie game.

It was just that quick. The bullpen was given a four run lead and allowed it to be squandered away. Still, in prior years, no big deal. The A’s will surely come back and rally late to break the tie and come out the victors. No, that’s not what happened and don’t call me Shirley.

In the bottom of the 10th, tied at 7, Ryan Cook was brought in and did the unthinkable. He allowed a lead off double and followed that with two walks. In case you’re not visualizing that properly, that’s bases loaded with no outs. RJ Alvarez was given the daunting task of getting out of the inning and keeping the A’s alive but he didn’t and he gave up a walk off single to his first batter.

Ryan Cook was sent down to AAA Nashville the next morning.

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