Oakland Athletics Game 34 Stats and Recap


Oakland Athletics Game 34 – Monday, May 11, 2015 @ 7:00 pm

Game Attendance: 19,743
Season Attendance: 311,157
Lowest Attendance: 15,025 (Game 2)
Game Time: 3:57
Season Time: 102:30 (4 days, 6 hours, 30 minutes)

Win Record: 12-22
Win Record vs Red Sox: 0-1
Streak: L6
AL West Standing: 5th
Elimination Number: 121

Winning Pitcher: Matt Barnes (1-0)
Losing Pitcher: Angel Castro (0-1)
Pitchers/Pitch Count: Kazmir/111, Scribner/14, Abad/2, Mujica/16, Clippard/27, Castro/22
Total Pitches per game: 192
Total Pitches per season: 4938

Game Home Runs: 0
Season Home Runs: 31
Game Runs: 4
Season Runs: 157
Runs Rank: 5th
Run Differential: -4
Differential Rank: 18th

Game RBI Leader: Vogt (2)
Season RBI Leader: Vogt (28)
Most RBI’s in Single Game: 5 (27)

Game RISP: 3 for 9
Game LOB: 11
Season RISP: 86 for 295
Season LOB: 235

Game Batting Average: .271
Lineup Batting Average: .260

Total Players Used in Game: 17
Most Players Used in Game: 20 (Game 25)

Challenged Plays: 0
Total Challenged Plays: 8
Total Overturned Plays: 2
Games Won in Extra Innings: 0
Total Games Played in Extra Innings: 6 (6,7,18,25,31,34)

Special Notes:

It may be hard for some fans to believe but the Oakland Athletics lost another single run game in extra innings at home because of the bullpen. Oh, and there was an error in the game. I know, I know. Shocking.

Scott Kazmir, as he is wont to do, pitched well. He went six innings with four hits and two earned runs and faced the minimum through the first three innings. The dude can pitch. I’m not going to dwell on it.

As reported yesterday, the A’s acquired  relief pitcher, Edward Mujica, from, coincidentally, the Boston Red Sox and he made his green and gold debut by throwing a perfect eighth inning that included a strike out. Hopefully he is the answer to our incredible needs in the bullpen and Oakland is the answer to his rocky start in 2015. Including this game, Mujica has only pitched two hitless innings this year.

The shutdown inning was a problem for both teams in this game as both sides exchanged runs in the third, fourth, and fifth innings and the game was ultimately decided when Angel Castro gave up a lead off homer to Pablo Sandoval.

Josh Reddick made it on base four times with two hits and two walks with no strike outs. After 32 hits in 2014, Reddick was hitting .237 with 20 RBIs, 11 walks and 32 strike outs. After 32 hits in 2015 (in 13 fewer games), he’s hitting .323 with 22 RBIs, 14 walks, and 10 strike outs. Here’s hoping that this is the Reddick A’s fans can become accustomed to because it is the most consistent he’s been at the plate in a long time, if not ever.

The Oakland Athletics are showing signs that they will overcome this truly awful opening but until they break out of it, this is tough baseball to watch on a nightly basis. Losing all of these one run games is just a tease to the fans but at least they’re staying in the game.

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