Podcast Episode 4: Acquisitions and New Ballparks

This is a big episode for the Swingin’ A’s podcast. Not only do we have a nice chat with Matt McHugh about some acquisitions and fine tuning that should be done in the off season, we have a nice long chat with newballpark.org founder, Rhamesis Muncada.

Muncada has had a mixed relationship with Oakland Athletics fans since he started his website a decade ago. Some folks find his site informative, well researched and balanced while others find it anti-Oakland, pro-ownership and highly biased. No matter what your thoughts on him are, I think you’re going to enjoy the conversation we had. As always, I encourage your comments on this page and if you like the podcast kindly ask that you leave us a rating/review on iTunes. The more listeners we get, the more great interviews and discussions like today’s we can bring you. Without further ado, enjoy this episode!

Show Notes

Episode 4: Winter Acquisitions and New Ballparks
Host: Tony Frye
Guests: Matt McHugh and Rhamesis Muncada

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